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GALA Theater is a theater based in Washington, DC. Their programing focuses on uplifting Latine voices and leaning into, not away from, the Spanish Language. 

I was brought on to help refine their current brand and design for their 2020-2021 season. 

GALA Theatre




Gala Season Graphic.jpg
Gala Alien Postcard.jpg

I refined their existing logo by adjusting the spacing and altering their colors: Black, White and Red. I made them a little more classic, but added some interest by incorporating a bold blue and purple. 

galita, is their youth programing. And I wanted to play with language and typography and make a lowercase partner to their existing GALA brand.


For their season programing I focused on two treatments to help unify the productions but keep them open enough to stand alone. I focused on: texture and "broken" typography. Twisting typography conventions to make them a little more dynamic and impactful.  

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