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Just a little collection of some of my babies! Go ahead and take a look! 



  User Experience Design  

How do we tell a story that is both beautiful and functional? How do we know if our design is working? From User Testing, Persona Building, and Wire-Framing, I can help you make smart decisions when it come to telling your story.

To me, UX Design is both a process and a perspective. It's the lens of which I view design. Art is unconstrained, free, "edgeless." Design, is art plus application. UX design is simply a framework to apply art, and the framework centers the User. The user is the tricky part. Because everything has multiple "users." But a "generalist" design doesn't serve anyone. It doesn't tell a story and doesn't engage. So what's the solution? 

Here are some of the tools I use to answer this!

Feel free to Browse through a Case Study that I developed from Question to Mockup!

UX Design

  Print & Social Media  

Print & Social Media
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