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Here's the thing: I love design. I love design because I love people, I love words, I love stories. Design in it's simplest form is just a "Hello!" My job is to help you determine what that "Hello" feels like and solidify the journey that follows. Will this design inspire? Will it empower? Will it inform? As humans we ask many many questions, and if I'm confident about one thing, it's that I'm a human and I have plenty of questions. 

Yes, I can do all the standards (Print, Digital, UX, UI, etc)  and I've played with all the toys (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) BUT what makes me different is my strong sense of narrative. It may sound crazy but you'll be surprised how much one little mark on the page can tell an entire story. 

Aside from design, I'm also an Actor, which kinda informs my love for words and stories. What's so cool about being an Actor Designer is that both arts really inform each other. They are both multi sensory experiences, they both rely on aesthetics and shape, and the most critical part of both is their relationship with the audience/viewer. 

My name is Jonathan Moises Olivares and I make things. Let's make something together! 


  my name is    

  Jonathan Olivares    & i make things!    


Let's Make Something!

You need something designed? You need help making one of your ideas come to life? Maybe you just need another eye on a current project. 

Let's Work Together!

Yay! Aren't You Excited?!

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