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 Sometimes my designs are simple, clean & #modern. 

 Other times, they are obnoxious and covered in Hot Cheeto dust.

 But all of the time, they tell a story! 

More than just Graphic Design.To serif or not to serif, that is the question. I have suggestions!

It's kinda hard to find the [fill in the blank]. Let's see how we can make life easier for everyone!

Flyers, Posters, Cards, oh my! Let's put pretty things on dead trees!

#SoPretty, #HireMe, Tweet it out or Insta your soul, I've got you covered!

Who Am I?

Actor extraordinaire, humble designer, and lover of stories. I am many things, but boring ain't one!


  my name is    

  Jonathan Olivares    & i make    

 pretty* things!    

*most of the time

 look look! 

         i made these! 

"Jonathan is an incredible designer. His branding and design work for our start up consulting firm has helped us tremendously. We've been able to grow our marketing plan and increase our client list due to his great work. Jonathan is a creative thinker who was great at listening to our goals and responding to our ideas. I highly recommend him and his work."

- Jocelyn Prince, ALJP Consulting


Let's Make Something!

You need something designed? You need help making one of your ideas come to life? Maybe you just need another eye on a current project. 

Let's Work Together!

Yay! Aren't You Excited?!

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