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This is a little snapshot of how I approach some of my work! I'll show you how I came up with the color and feel for my website!

This is where I ask myself what am I? who am I? Basically an existential crisis. A Brainstorm. A Tempest. I solidify a few words that I feel capture what we (Me and the Client) want to communicate - the story we want to tell. 

Then I word associate and distill until I come up with words and ideas that can be aesthetically communicated. 



I draw inspiration from a ton of sources. I pool those sources into a board where I can draw textures, colors, treatments, design systems, and much more. 

I don't worry about following any structure. It's just adding energy, like finger painting. 

I use tools like Pinterest so that any client can easily create their own boards, adding their own inspirations on it. 



From the board I decide which lens to view it through. Here I chose to focus on color. What colors scream? What colors do I want to eat? What colors are begging to be used? 

Process Color Impression.jpg

Switch lenses and I can focus on texture, and shapes. To find form and movement


I isolate the things that pop out and return to "Tempest" and refocus the choices to line up with the story we decided to tell. 

I always make sure to honor the relationships of the colors, because color is nothing without relationship. So I begin by keeping colors together with how they first "spoke." 

Once I distill the colors into a focused palette I play with their relationships to make sure they are specific but allow for freedom of expression. Always asking myself, is this the story we are wanting to tell?

And that's how I decided on the Color Palette for my website!

My process for logos works the same way. It's a looping cycle of running into storms, finger painting, and changing perspectives. Throughout the process I ask: What is this story? These questions and answers can occur in the midst of a serious work session or on a run, but when inspiration strikes you gotta honor it!

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